Our Capabilities

Andros has 46 factories around the world and is globally known for our high-quality industrial capabilities in fruit processing, frozen desserts and confectionery.

In 2012, Andros purchased Bowman Andros Products in Mt. Jackson, VA, a leader in private label apple product production since 1939. The combined company created unique manufacturing capabilities for our North American customers.

A global leader in spouted pouch format technology, Bowman Andros Products produces 100% natural, certified organic, Kosher and BRC/GFSI certified food in Mt. Jackson, Virginia. Private label preserves and jams are produced both domestically and at Materne, Belgium.

Private label Frozen Desserts and Private Label confectionery are developed and imported from France and Italy. Prolainat in Aubert, France is a world class producer of private label frozen desserts and Ger’Son in France has unique confectionery capabilities for private label gummies, gum, All-Sorts and licorice candies.

For more information contact sales@androsna.com.