Andros® Chef Food Service

Andros® Chef is a new brand of high quality fruit ingredients developed for food service.

This brand includes a shelf stable range (Fillings, Spreads and Baking Jam) and frozen (Puree, Compote and Coulis).

Andros Chef recipes use only fresh and ripe fruit, delivering guaranteed high quality flavor all year long.

Frozen Puree

21 flavors of purees available, with high fruit content (90-95% fruit), all 100% natural. Perfect for pastries, mousses, ice creams, cakes, cocktails and more

Frozen Compote

More texture than purees, with fruit chucks, pulp and fiber. All natural, non-GMO and with no more than 10% added sugar. Ideal for pastries, waffle, yogurt parfait, verrines, smoothies and more.

Frozen Coulis

Smooth texture naturally obtained with no added gelling or thickening agent in a handy squeeze bottle, ideal to decorate desserts and plate. Made only with 2 ingredients: high quality fruit and non-GMO beet sugar.

Fillings and Spreads (Shelf Stable)

Premium bake stable range 100% natural, no starch, non-GMO, gluten free,  no high fructose corn syrup.

Baking Jam (Shelf Stable)

Range of products to fill tart, cookies and croissant before baking them.  No nuts, gluten free, no high fructose corn syrup, no artificial flavoring, no artificial coloring.